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Keg & Cork Fundraising Event - April 7, 2017

Join us on April 7, 2017 as we begin fundraising for Phase 2 (see below) of the Antler Alley project. Enjoy 25+ microbrews and 50+ wines along with non-alcoholic beverages. Included will be light hors d'oeuvres, door prizes, drawings, and an art auction.

We have just completed the pillars on the south end and are now in process of raising funds to complete the new metal/antler archway and to completely light Antler Alley with smart LED lighting. The alley will house public art benches painted by local artists along with flower boxes to create an artistic resting/gathering space.

WPAA is a 501 (c) (3) organization and all donations are fully tax deductable. We can be contacted at: Woodland Park Arts Alliance, PO Box 983, Woodland Park, CO 80866. 100% of donations go directly to the WPAA Public Art Project fund to assist our current project of Phase 2 of the Antler Alley project. You will receive an official IRS donation letter of thanks.

Antler Arch Restoration - Phase 1 - Completed

The antler arch is back in old downtown!  What a beautiful job by Artist, Johnny Kehoe and his crew.  They worked tirelessly for two long days from early morning to late evening and finished just in time for the July 4th 125th anniversary celebration of Woodland Park.

This project was completed with the strong financial support of the following:  HOLIDAY HOME TOUR; BANANA BELT LIQUORS and the CITY OF WOODLAND PARK/DDA.  Special thanks goes out to these donors who demonstrate their care, concern and interest in seeing Woodland Park maintain its charm as one of the premier cities in Colorado.


Antler Alley - Phase 2 - Current Public Art Project

Now on to Phase 2 of Antler Alley.  WPAA, Main Street, DDA, Keep Woodland Park Beautiful, Historical Preservation Committee and the City of Woodland Park, are coordinating planning, fundraising and construction efforts to complete the project.

Already the City removed alleyway lighting to provide pre-construction site for the new electrical required for the LED lighting in the arches and for entire alleyway.  To date, new pillars are complete (see picture), funded through a Keep Woodland Park Beautiful grant (Lowes) as well as some funding for the design, development, testing and installation of the LED lights.  Installation of the LED smart lights will be completed in the very near future for the Hwy. 24 arch (south end of alleyway) and along the top of the Dana’s Dance building to light entire alleyway. Dana’s Dance has graciously allowed us to use their building for placement of lighting to facilitate the lighting of the alleyway.  THANK YOU DANA’S DANCE!

FUNDRAISING is currently underway to help WPAA complete the Antler Alley Project. 

First, the April 7 fundraiser hosted by Banana Belt LiquorsKEG & CORK – a microbrew/wine tasting (non-alcoholic beverages available).  All proceeds from the tasting event, drawings and art auction will go to the WPAA Public Art Project fund. 

Second, WPAA will also begin raising funds through direct campaigns via several sources.  Please watch for those campaigns and contribute to help complete this Public Art project!

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